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Who is Arizona Land Deals?

Arizona Land Deals is owned and operated by FirstStep Investments, LLC.  We have been successfully serving our customers since 2003 and have completed 1000's of real estate transactions.

We specialize in helping our customers purchase land with alternative financing. Our custom financing platform is tailored to help each customer meet their personal financial goals and long-term wealth objectives.  

Why invest in land in Arizona?

Because it is one of the most overlook and misunderstood real estate investments in the world.     

Why choose Arizona Land Deals?

We are not about flashy brochures and high-pressure sales people.  It is this simple, we offer the best properties at the best prices without all of the hassles of a traditional Real Estate transaction. If you are not fully satisfied, we will not do the deal.  We have many satisfied customers and would like to add you to the growing list. 


Testimonials -  

Hello, my name is Michael, and approximately six months ago I decided to participate in land investments with Scott Teerink at FirstStep Investments.  I heard Scott's presentation at a 3 day seminar in Scottsdale Arizona, and I decided to purchase his coaching program.   Scott has been very good in pointing me in the right direction to obtain success. I currently have 3 offers outstanding and I am about to embark upon a second mailing to owners of raw land.  Scott is also proficient in assisting with your mindset, to ensure that you are thinking of the right stuff. Remember "What you think about you bring about" . 

Michael Carribon,M.A